Why do mostly all the Casinos offer Same Games?

Gambling is such a lucrative business that big corporations not making big changes doesn’t make sense. However, it’s rare to hear that a casino offers a new gambling game.

Here are various good reasons why Casinos don’t change up their games very often.

Players demand to play these games

Players demand will be the determinant in the gambling world.  

To understand this better, here is the concept: Governments still offer lotteries after all the crazy stories of people getting bankrupt. Why?

Simply because people want to play these games.

And that is why Casinos still bank on the same old games and don’t need any new games.

Gambling Games are developed by other organizations and Less Popular Games are tested every year

Designing games is an expensive process and it’s difficult to come up with new games that favor the house.

Game companies aren’t going to push new games toward the market if they don’t see players’ interest in the games.

Money Follows to the Slot Games

Most innovation is funded to the Slot Machine Gaming as they are responsible for a majority of Casino Revenues and also relatively easier to design.

Gaming Companies and Casinos can change their strategies quickly as the volume of people playing slots makes it easier to check when the game is likely to fail.

Players Don’t Fall In Love With New Games Easily

A Tall Order for creators hoping to develop the next popular game is that the next great gambling experience needs to be fun and playable.

The following games have true staying power and their basic formats are 100+ Years old-

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack

Do you know that which is the most popular slot game of all time?

‘The Wheel Of Fortune (1996)’

  • Casinos Make Massive Profits On Current/Present Games

Let’s understand this through a Q-A Format.

Q. Why do Casinos continue to offer Games like Blackjack that have the lowest house edges of all times?

  • People play Blackjack for real money
  • Casinos rake in huge cash from Blackjack as most people are terrible players of the game


Corporations and People want to stay in the Comfort Zones.

Bottom Line- The Gambling Game has to provide profits, else there’s no reason for a Casino to offer it.

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