Variations of teen Patti game

Teen Patti is available in numerous variations, and each n every variation is enjoyable. So, let us look at the various types of teen Patti game and amp up your excitement levels.

The 999 variation

In this game, the winner is the one who will get his hand value close to the hand value combination of 999

Best of four

So, there are four cards instead of 3, so instead of the best of three cards, the value must be taken from the best of four cards.

The AK47 version

In this variant, the game is played between 2 to 10 players, and the wild cards are the A, K,4,7, and the joker do all suits. The player can use the cards as per their choice. The winner is the one who will have the most substantial hand value.

The best card draw

In this version, the dealer will draw a random card. So this card is then considered the call of death, and any person who has this card in their hand will have to fold it.

The joker variation of teen Patti 

In this variation, the three cards from the shuffled decks are dealt with by the dealer’s players. So, the dealer will randomly take out a card and then nominate the other cards with equal rank/number/ strength as the wild card or the joker.

Muflis the lowball variation

This game revolves around revolving around the weakest teen, Patti’s hand. Game rules are similar to the traditional game, but in this, the card ranking is reserved.

The royal variation.

In this, the player will have to play with 20 cards like A, T, J, Q, K. So, since the cards involved are limited, only six people can play this game.

4X boot variation

This is played in a similar way the traditional teen Patti is played. But in this, the starting value is 4x more than the usual value, which is why the pot value increases at a faster rate.

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