One can define gambling as betting or staking something valuable in a risky wager, for a loss or a gain in the result. It is an uncertain event where a person contests and the result is mostly dependent on a person’s luck, chance, or accident. This unexpected result still doesn’t stop many people from gambling. Gambling houses are commonly known as casinos. Casinos are usually built on cruise ships or are shared with famous restaurants and fancy resorts. Some people choose to gamble in sports as well. For example, India is famous for gambling in cricket matches, whereas, outside the country, people prefer to gamble in football. 

Given below are some famous high playing casino games:


This game was created in 1994 by Derek Webb. It has easy rules and large payouts, and this attracts customers easily. In this game, before the game begins, every player puts an equal amount of chips in the pot. Following this, every player gets three cards to face down and directly compete with all players in the game, to create the best three-card poker hand. 


This game has French ancestry and was devised in as early as 18th century. The name ‘roulette’ means ‘little wheel’. In this casino game, a player can choose any odd or even number to bet. The odd numbers are represented in red colour, whereas black is depicted in black. After this, the dealer spins the wheel in a direction and then spins a ball in the opposite direction. A player wins a bet if the ball stops on their bidding number. 


Blackjack is more of a comparison game between two players, and where they compete with the dealer of the bet and not one another. Whether a player gets two faces up or down mainly depends on the table and the casino. Blackjack is the most popular banking casino game played. 


Gambling is a risky game and must be played while calculating the risks involved. It is a fact that a good gambler can easily earn a lot of profit, and have a lot of fun. Gambling even helps to promote tourism and to be a very mindful game; it helps in increasing one’s sharpness and presence of mind. 

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