The Biggest Casino Wins Of All Time

There is a general belief that the design of the gambling system is such that it traps the player by a small win at an early stage. But in the long term, there is always a loss, in fact, a huge loss. But it depends upon your strategies, psychological, and mental toughness which can let you win even a huge sum. Here are the biggest wins of all the time in casino history.

Top Gambling Wins

MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV): $20-40 Million

Who doesn’t know about the huge transactions in the magnificent MGM Grand? In the year 2005, Australian billionaire Kerry Packer played baccarat and blackjack and won 20 to 40 million dollars (the exact figure is unknown due to some reasons). It is popular among people that the tip for the head waitress by Kerry at that night is as high as 1 million dollars.

Excalibur (Las Vegas, NV): $39.7 Million

In March 2003, when a Californian engineer came to Las Vegas to support his favorite basketball team, he decided to spend some time in Excalibur. This young engineer got down to the slot machine and started throwing his coin one after one and he spent up to 100 dollars when the music of the slot started banging. And this slot machine gave the young engineer the sum of more than 39 million dollars, more than the profit for a month of that venue.

Palace Station (Las Vegas, NV): $680,000 and More Than $27 Million

What if you get more than 0.6 million dollars in a single action at the age of 60. This lady won this much money in the slot machine but it didn’t deter her from risking their earnings from gambling. She keeps visiting the casino regularly and bet all their earnings from gambling until the day comes when she gets 27 million dollars.

Mirage (Las Vegas, NV): $21 Million and $4.6 Million

Elmer Sherwin, 76 years old, a world war II veteran made a huge 4.6 million dollars. He made this huge sum within ten hours after opening the Mirage casino. After 16 years he hit the jackpot at the same place and the amount he won was 21 million dollars. What an incredible day for a veteran! 

These are some of the biggest wins in the history of the casino.

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