Online Activities During Diwali 2020

Due to the worldwide pandemic, over a billion people around the globe had to commemorate a Diwali like no other before it. The Hindu festival of lights is a sacred time of the year, lasting five days during the lunisolar month of Kartika. It is a period where Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs rejoice in the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil.

In 2020, we celebrated this holiest of holidays on Saturday, November 14. Usually, as per customs, during the festival, devotees clean their homes, help those in need, light diyas, stare up at fireworks, and exchange gifts. However, because of the current global crisis, as well as rising air pollution, Diwali was more about survival and staying at home this time around.

Many speculate that India’s air pollution problem is a major contributing factor to the worsening COVID-19 situation in the country. To encourage people to stay at home and not interact with others, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, along with other public servants, held a joint prayer ceremony broadcasted over social media, as distancing guidelines advised Hindus not to visit temples. Fire-crackers were also off the table this year due to fears that they may spike pollution levels. Thus, without the traditional means of celebration, Indians had to look for alternative ways on how to mark this occasion. 

Lotto Enthusiasts Discovered Online Lotteries

Once lotto shops closed in March, and the Kerala and Sikkim State Lotteries had to shut down distribution, many players discovered that they could play legal online lottery games. Thus, participation in these kinds of draws saw an increase during Diwali. According to India’s outdated laws, there is nothing stopping residents from participating in lotteries at offshore sites such as Lottoland, LottoSmile, and Lotto 24/7. They can do so without facing any potential legal consequences.

Not only are online lottos available to players from India, but so are world-famous international draws such as the US Powerball and MegaMillions, the European EuroMillions, the Italian SuperEnalotto, the Spanish El Gordo, and many more. The ticket prices of these draws are incomparably more substantial than those of the Kerala and Sikkim lotteries, but so are their prizes, which are in the hundreds of millions.

People Are Celebrating Diwali Through Social Media

Though many like to criticize social media, no one can deny that these platforms are a communication tool that brings people together. Seeing as you cannot be close to the ones you care about during this most festive of occasions, thanks to technology, you can still relay your enthusiasm and send well-wishes to family and friends.

You can post a diya selfie and ask others to do the same. In these trying times, we all need a little light in our lives and a sense of communion. You can accomplish this through inspirational posts, photos, or videos. Alternatively, you can organize games on these platforms that will get people involved and provide an entertaining distraction. You may also arrange a charitable drive and ask everyone to donate to a good cause. Making other people’s lives better makes us feel better too.

Virtual Diwali Gatherings

How about designing and sending e-invites to your favorite people for a virtual Diwali party? Install Zoom or another quality video-conference software, get some diyas and rangolis to set the mood, and mark a time when the festivities will begin. 

You can have food cooking competitions, where everyone can show what Diwali delicacies they made this year? The winner could get a prize in the form of an online voucher, gift card, or something congratulatory, like a standing ovation. A home décor competition is another idea, as well as best-outfit of the day. Seeing as everyone is online at the same time, all contests can have an instant public vote.

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