Myths surrounding online gaming

For many years, video games have been a mystery for people who don’t normally play them.

When the arcade games came around in the 70s, people who had never played them wondered what were the new coin-operated machines all about?!

If not a pinball machine, were they some kind of jukeboxes?

Could they be addictive or make people sick?

Even after 40 years, many of the myths associated with videogames have stayed alive.

What more, with the advent of online gambling, the number of such misconceptions has only increased.

The same can be said about the popular gambling apps

Let’s acquaint you with some of these popular myths below:

Gambling makes people dumb:

Scientific studies have revealed that online gaming in fact improves social skills of children and adults. These chat features give people an ideal platform to meet and interact with other people with similar interests. It has been proved that gambling can boost the players IQ and their mental health.

Violent Behavior:

Another common myth associated with the online gaming is that it makes players indulge in violent activities. Even science has proved that there’s no evidence to support link between gambling and behaviour.

Can be addictive:

Majority of the players stay under the illusion that it’s only the irresponsible people who get addicted to online gambling. It’s a scientific fact that anything can prove to be addictive if you indulge in it excessively, whether it is online gambling or recreational drugs. It is important that you know when to pause, and give yourself a break. Anyone who is unable to take regular breaks while playing, or is finding it hard to stop playing them, must seek help.

  • Gambling is only for boys:

People have this misconception that gambling is not for girls and is something that is indulged in only by men. As per reports, over 80% of people who play online casino games and online bingo are actually women! Women are fond of gambling as much as men, and the fact that they don’t play very often is their personal choice.

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