Lottery Sales Banned at Tea Stalls

Residents of Adwaita Nagar, a village on the Murshidabad-Jharkhand border, found themselves in a peculiar situation at the start of August, as a newly-established committee decided to enforce a fatwa ban on numerous activities. The list of punishable offenses included the purchasing and sale of tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, playing music and TV sets at tea stalls, enjoying carom, and listening to music on a computer.

According to the secretary of Adwaita Nagar Social Reforms Committee, Azharul Sheikh, these bans are in place to stop the moral degradation of India’s youth. He further added that they forbid residents from watching movies or listening to music, which doesn’t fit the village’s religious culture, as well as the pursuit of fast money.

Members of the committee printed and handed out fliers that listed all the punishable offenses and their corresponding fines, ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 7,000. The committee also provides prizes for informers in the Rs 200 – Rs 1,000 range. The sale of alcohol and lottery tickets entails the top fine of Rs 7,000. However, anyone caught buying either lotto tickets or spirits will only have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000.

Lotto Players Turn to Online Lotteries

If we factor in this new ban, as well as the closing of lotto shops around the country in March, it is no wonder that the popularity of online lotteries is exploding. During the initial lockdown period, the Kerala State Lotteries and Sikkim State Lotteries took massive revenue hits. Since these two are the main traditional lotto shop networks in India, during their down-time, many players began exploring other options. 

There is no easy answer when it comes to the legality of online lotteries in India due to outdated legalization. However, since there are no laws that outright stop Indians from enjoying these draws via the internet, the principle – everything which is not forbidden is allowed applies. Thus, you can find many sites that feature in-depth guides with titles such as – the Indian online lottery explained, post reviews, and advise you on legitimate draws. A few terrific options include Lottoland, LottoSmile, and Lotto 24/7. A cool feature about internet lotto sites is that they keep a history of all your slips, so you can go over all the numbers you have played over the years, which lets you adjust your strategy. 

Famous Lotteries That You Can Play From India

Know that Indian players are not limited to the previously mentioned draws that target those from the country. Considering it is the 21st century, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, lottery games from other countries have opened their doors and are selling tickets internationally. Anyone from India can buy a slip for the top two jackpot games in North America, the US Powerball and Mega Millions. Nandlall Mangal, a New York resident of Indian descent, won a $245 million Powerball jackpot in 2018, and Mega Millions is responsible for providing a record-setting $1.5 billion prize in 2019.

EuroMillions is the largest European lotto, and it paid out a reward of €190 million in 2012. Today, you can vie for the €130 million jackpot from India via a ticket bought on the internet. Other terrific European options are the Italian SuperEnalotto, which has a minimum reward of €2 million, which can grow up to €10 million, and the Spanish El Gordo, which features a top prize of €680 million.

Indian players can also enjoy South American lotto draws. The Mega Sena is Brazil’s largest lottery, and it provides odds that are less than half of those available when playing EuroMillions, and which can lead to a jackpot worth ₹700 Crores. A ticket also costs half the price of the EuroMillions one. So, it is the same amount of excitement for half the prize, with better odds of winning.  

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