How to play andar bahar

The most common and popular game in India is Andar Bahar, and the main reason behind its popularity is that it can be played without using real money. Also known as katti Andar bahar is a very unique, simple, and a relatively new game.

In Andar bahar, the players don’t have to deal with cards. The players who are participating have to sit and watch. Andar bahar is a traditional betting game of India and has its origin based in Bangalore, and the loyal players are spread out throughout India.

What are the terms of the Andar Bahar

Andar bahar has two terms with which the players have to be accustomed to these two terms.

  • Andar:- the boxes are reserved on the table where the cards are kept and called andar. These boxes are placed on the left side of the player.
  • Bahar:- this box is kept on the right side of the player and is used for placing the card.

What are the Rules Of Andar Bahar

The main objective of Andar bahar is to predict the side in which the chosen card ill land. The game is a simple card game in which winning depends on luck instead of the skills, which is also why it is also known as jugaad gambling. The game can be played at any time, whether you are resting, picnicking, or hanging out with your friends.

In the rounds of Andar Bahar, one card from the deck of the cards and then chosen as the main card. The game operator will shuffle the deck and then put one card at the center of the table. Then the player will choose the left or the right slot. Then the participating players will do nothing except predict where the main card or a card similar to the card will appear.

The game will finally end when a similar card appears, and the player who has guessed the correct card will be declared as the winner and will receive a huge payout. Just keep in mind that the other players will have to make the best in advances and they can’t do after the cards are getting displayed,

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