Best Card Games in India:

Indians are renowned for their passion in card games. Since historical time, India has been a land where card games are popular. Card games create a bond between the older and the younger generation. A deck of fifty-two cards has an attraction that few people may resist. People often gather to play their favourite game, during a lazy afternoon or after a hectic day. In the 21st century, the entire world has gone digital. Along with it, many card games have also gone digital. These online card games have bridged the gap between family members.

A game of cards is not only a hobby but also a source of income. Some of the virtual card games have become easier. Professionally trained card players may earn a lot of money through these virtual card games. Now, let us find out which are the most enjoyable games.


2-7players across the country connect virtually to play this game. They need to play this game strategically, to win. A lot of betting is involved in this game. Poker tops the list of virtual card games in India. Pot-limit Omaha and Texas Holdem Poker are two of the most popular variants of the game. It depends more on the skill of the players involved than on luck.

The dealer deals two hole cards to each player. Both the cards have their faces down. 5 community cards are dealt in the middle of the table. They have their faces up. The betting round starts before the flop. It continues with the turn of the game. All the five cards are dealt in three different stages. After the conclusion of the river round, the player who has the best combination of five cards wins the game. 


All the card lovers across India love a game of online rummy.  This strategic game is purely based on skills. Rummy has several variants, out of which Indian Rummy is the most popular among professional players. This card game tests the skills of the players and allows them to think fast. It also allows them to plan out a strategy. A pure sequence doesn’t include a joker. The sequence which includes a joker card is also known as an impure sequence.

Teen Patti:

The players have a tendency to become rash during this game. They should remain calm to master this game. Also known as Indian Poker, it doesn’t have any role for a joker. In this intensely competitive card game, the minimum stake is decided at first. Then, the boot amount is kept in the middle of the table. The dealer deals three cards to each player. All the cards have their faces down. Then, the players set their cards in combination. Different types of combination have different ranks. The pot increases, as the game continues. The players need to avoid placing bets even if they have the best cards. Then, they need to control their urge to spend. The player who has the highest rank of combination is declared the winner.


All the veteran gambling g enthusiasts are aware of this game. It is also known as 21. This easy game depends more on skill than on luck.


Players need to follow some basic games to win an online card game.

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