Andar Bahar Cash Game – The easiest betting game ever!

Andar bahar cash game is one of the most popular Indian games. It is believed to have originated in Bangalore. This famous game is also known as Katti or Mangatha by the people in the South. One can play Andar Bahar Real Cash betting game with or without any real money.

With a significant amount of fan base Andar Bahar Cash Game is quick and easy to grasp, and the best part there is no limitation of the number of people who can be the part of this game.

This game has become extremely famous on online casinos. You can easily win a considerable amount of money through mobile phones all at the comfort of your home. It comes with easy rules and regulations 

Rules of Real Andar Bahar Game.  

Let us help you explore the rules of this game. Andar bahar is a game that is popular because it is quite easy to play. As the name suggests, the Andar Bahar game table has two spots. Andar is the left spot on the chart which falls on the player’s left side, and bahar refers to the right side of the table which falls on the player’s right hand.

There is also a center section, so do not forget these two famous names of the game – Andar and Bahar. The game starts with shuffling the cards of 52 decks then a card will be drawn randomly from the deck which will be placed at the center of the table with face up. This card is referred to as the Game Card.

The player then attends the card one by one and then place them face up to the andar and bahar section. Then, he checks whether or not the card gets matched to the Game card.


The main focus of this game is to guess on which section the matching card will be handled – Andar or bahar. 

Andar Bahar Cash Game is quite easy to bet on. You just have to place your selected stake in chips on whichever side, that is Andar or Bahar, that you think will win.

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