5G Rollout across Bharat to Power Digital and Economic Transformation

Tech industry experts and economists agree that an efficient adoption of 5G networks will improve drastically a number of business segments and many aspects of our daily lives. A new Digital India will immediately be felt in communications, entertainment and media applications. Digging deeper, however, we find out that the nation’s economic and social balance might be gradually improved as well, likely for the better.

New High-Speed Telecommunications Expected to Impact All Walks of Life

Fifth-generation telecom networks have been widely discussed over the past few years. Mostly spoken about in terms of data speeds and costs (even health, admittedly), 5G networks are widely expected by analysts to bring in profound changes to social and economic expressions.

Changing the way people “live, work and play” is not an easy process, yet IT applications and mobile communications have direct effects on all of the above, even today. Some examples that come naturally to mind include the quality of media and entertainment products such as gambling sites like PureWin.com, various internet services and the online lottery India, as well as smart gadgets and appliances which would be possible with real-time speeds.

Arguably, improvements in distance learning (tele-education), healthcare (tele- and virtual care), and agriculture (with drones and sensors) are much anticipated across India for various reasons. Bringing the Union closer together and improving the quality of life is achievable with technological solutions that have only been theoretical until now.

Industry and enterprise efficiency will probably be among the first to reach for such upgrades. However, the most noticeable improvement will be felt in lifestyle applications, infotainment and online gaming at its best. 5G can add immediate value to media and entertainment services, as well as India’s casual gambling habits.

Entertainment, Media and Online Services at the 5G Forefront

There is a reason why these benefits will be substantial and immediate in Media and Entertainment above all. ENV Media, an online marketing agency operating across South-East Asia, has conducted a segment research to identify trends in gambling traction across a geographical audience split. The report shows that regional development levels (including income, social habits and tech adoption) point to 6 major urban agglomerations that can haul up to 2/3 of all online gambling traffic across mobile platforms.

The study also highlights that India is becoming increasingly urbanized (with more than 1/3 of its total population), and more than 75% of its population is below 45 years of age. Such volumes confirm its leading online gaming market potential on a global scale.

Urban vs Rural 5G Use Cases

And while cities will benefit from entertainment and lifestyle applications first, rural and remote areas can hope that better hardware and faster network rollout may bring them tele-education and tele-medicine.

Video-communication in near real-time is not news in even the remotest Bharat areas (although never taken for granted). However, better quality and stable high speeds will allow for mass adoption rates and a growing number of online services. Virtual assistance and gamification, for example, could be used for teaching and professional training, business analysis or social services, as well as advertising and consumer engagement on a wider scale across the country.

The above case study of the 6 major Indian cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad) confirms the importance of technological development, business climate and media exposure to the successful adoption of iGaming, lifestyle applications and online entertainment. The same reasons why more developed States will manage to follow global trends and make better use of 5G technology.

With rapidly improving internet coverage, however, as well as access to more affordable mobile devices, data plans and cashless payment options across the Union, rural users of 5G networks will find their niche. A claim validated by the findings in the above report, citing that urban and rural online gamblers are close to being equal in total numbers, even under completely different conditions and personal motivations to play online.

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